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HUzzii Cloud Recorder & Player App for Android

Cloud Recorder Features

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Download & Playback from Google Drive

Just put your audio files in folders’ name containing “huzzii audio”, you can than download and play it here.

Save to Google Drive

Save your recording to Google Drive.

Share via Google Drive

Share audio is never easier, just share your Google Drives’ “huzzii audio” folders to your friends, they can then get your audio, and you can get theirs.

Record & Playback on many CoDecs

Freely select your favorite codec, Lossless for true or compressed for small size, CoDec support is purely depend on your device capability, please try it.

Run on Wed & Mobile App

Your “Huzzii audio” folder can also access via our Web Cloud Recorder, so, yes, you can play and recorder on Web browser.

Android only for now

App is ready to download at Google Play Store, Apple iOS version is ready but not released, we don’t like what Apple’s over charge on app developer, can you believe Apple request developer to pay US$100 annual fee?


Huzzii Cloud Recorder & Player demo video

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